Who We Are?

Our Mission

In South Calgary’s new urban district Seton, comes Calgary’s newest UK inspired Gastro Pub. The Tommyfield will embrace fusion between UK’s traditional pub fare with contemporary food and drink. In what is being called the new “South Downtown of Calgary” we are excited to bring you two floors of unsurpassed service, food & expansive custom cocktails. Whether it be enjoying a fulfilling dinner downstairs, catching the game upstairs or enjoying a nightcap by the fireplace on our second level outdoor social terrace, we know we won’t disappoint.

The name “Tommyfield” is rich in history. In 1908 the Tommyfield Market was erected in Oldham, England were locals near and far would travel to purchase fresh seasonal ingredients, a cask of ale or two and socialize with friends and family. This historic site was also the “First” to commercially introduce the legendary British chip shop which launched a must have staple for all pub fare there after. We hope you enjoy our twist on a pub that was hand crafted for the area and a nod to the colors and tones that have made Britain an inspiring part of our vision.